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Direct search in Luxembourg since 1997

Trust and Confidentiality

Working with Ernst Recruiting is about developing a long-term, tailor-made relationship to recruit those hard-to-find employees.


Ernst Recruiting was created in 1997. Its Luxembourgish founder, Thierry Ernst, is 100% specialized in a pro-active recruitment method, which is the direct search approach.


Entrusting your recruitment to Ernst Recruiting means choosing the efficiency of highly targeted recruitment in line with the local Luxembourgish market.

The Method

Recruitment by direct approach

When it comes to recruiting people which are “difficult” to find, it is often more appropriate to search directly for the right profile (the so-called “direct approach”), rather than waiting passively for candidates to respond to a job advertisement.
This approach consists of proactively contacting a potential candidate (often with a very specialized profile), who is usually already well-established within their current firm and, therefore, not specifically looking for a new professional challenge.
This calls for strong communication skills as well as a good match between the candidate and the corporate values of the hiring firm.


Ernst Recruiting has a proven track record of success in very specific assignments in local, active direct search. Our firm has managed to source highly experienced executives and employees, who are often in-demand, talented, specialized and quite unique professionals, not necessarily actively seeking a new role.


Ernst Recruiting bases its selection on culture, the global and local strategy of the client firm as well as that of the department looking to recruit. Further considerations include the organizational scope, the technical details of the role and its objectives, responsibilities, resources to be made available, position within the organisation, job title as well as the full salary package offered by the company.


Personalized and confidential approach towards potential candidates via a multitude of perspectives: sector of activity, professional circles, hierarchical level, local culture, personality, training, languages and seniority.


Satisfaction stemming from a client-applicant-consultant “win-win-win” partnership: obtaining quality recruitment, which will continuously evolve through the short to the medium and long-term.

Thierry ERNST

Dedicated headhunter and “locally specialized” Luxemburgish recruiter…

Since 1997, I have studied, examined and operated within the Luxembourg employment market. As a specialist in tailor-made recruitment of experts within the financial (banking, insurance, PFS, etc.) and industrial fields, I offer all of my know-how and my network of local contacts in order to make your specific search a success.

Born in Luxembourg and holder of a double Masters degree (Marketing and Management), my cultural proximity to the local labour market and my analysis and listening skills allow me to truly understand all the local recruitment issues as well as the increasingly complexity of employers’ demands.

Quelques exemples de missions confiées :

“Chief Investment Officer “, several billion Euros of AUM, bilingual (EN, FR), 17 years of experience, PhD”

“Bilingual Comp & Ben Manager (EN, FR), 12 years of expertise, Bachelor in Business”

“ManCo Legal Manager, trilingual (D, EN, FR), 19 years of experience, PhD”

“Trilingual Insurance Inspector (PT, FR, GB), 5 years of experience”

“Deputy Director of Human Resources, trilingual (FR, GB, DE) 23 years of experience, double Masters degree”

“Bilingual “Compliance OPC Manager” (FR, GB), 15 years of experience, Bachelor”

“Trilingual “Assistant Manager of Banking Control” (FR, GB, PT), 15 years of experience, double Masters degree”

“ManCo Compliance Manager”, speaking 5 languages, 7 years of experience, PhD”

“Trilingual “Risk analyst” (IT, FR, EN), 4 years of experience, PhD”


The alternative solution, addressing the failure of conventional methods

When a company decides to hire a new employee under a permanent contract, it mainly has the choice between two recruitment methods:

  • Attracting applicants via Internet, printed media or through traditional recruitment firms (using their candidate databases and publishing jobs advertisements).
  • Approaching potential candidates who are often not, actively searching for a job, but who may be open to hearing about quality opportunities in the Luxembourg market.

Direct recruitment is THE tailor-made solution that can give you access to rare and highly sought-after profiles.

Visualize the typical path
of a complex recruitment


Invest smartly in recruitment, and achieve long-term targeted efficiency!

Ernst Recruiting offers you a simple and transparent contract with a single advance to be paid before initiating the tailor-made research assignment.

Contact me

+352 44 44 46 | +352 621 18 53 44

15, rue du Commerce L-8220 Mamer

If you are a candidate


Would you like to introduce me to your resume and be part of my contacts? Thanks to my experience as a headhunter, starting in 1997, I developed a typical CV format well adapted to the demands of the Luxembourg market.
I invite you to download it, complete it and send it to me with your contact information.